Oracle 11gAS Reports Server

The Oracle 11gAS Reports Server is a fragile thing, but recently one particular error was cropping up regularly with (usually) large reports.

The error message reported was REP-50125 with the usual meaningless gibberish i.e.

[2013-12-11T02:51:33.442+00:00] [reports] [INCIDENT_ERROR] [REP-50125] [oracle.reports.server] [tid: 16] REP-50125 : org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: vmcid: SUN minor code: 208

Which has lots of unhelpful hits on the Oracle Support Site – suggesting it’s just a common generic error message.

As it was large reports that were mostly the problem a resource issue was the likely culprit, hence the obvious first guess is to increase the maximum Java heap size by setting the JVM Options for the reports server to e.g.


This had no effect unfortunately so we turned to the maximum Java stack size – which on 64bit Java 6 defaults to 1024K.

Increasing this by setting JVM Options to e.g.


did the trick – the reports now completed successfully.